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In Switzerland

Our company intervenes in projects which concern large built-up areas as well as localities of small or medium dimensions.

From its office located in Lausanne, Transitec has been operating in all the French-speaking cantons  (Vaud, Geneva, Fribourg, Valais, Neuchatel, Jura, Berne) for many years, offering its knowledge and experience to cantonal and local administrative bodies and to private companies.
Transitec is also very active at the Swiss Confederal level (e.g. federal roads authority, federal office for spatial development, federal office of energy) and with various research bodies active in the field of mobility in Switzerland (SVI, VSS).

In order to develop its activities in German-speaking Switzerland, Transitec has opened an office in Bern.

You can consult the map to discover Transitec's various interventions throughout Switzerland (French and German-speaking).